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Hey guild, welcome to our new website!  I've taken some time out to arrange things so that they are as simple to follow as possible.  This being said, have a look around and feel free to offer any suggestions that you may have on either our forums page or in the shout box to the left.  Thanks a bunch and have fun!

                                                Long Live Impossible,
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November Installment

xxImpossiblexx, Nov 5, 11 5:15 PM.
Greetings guild! As it seems that I have fallen into a trend of making these posts approximately once every month or so, I've taken the liberty of naming said posts in terms of installments. This being said, welcome to the November Installment!

Firelands is looking more or less O.K. but as these past few weeks have gone by, I find myself feeling as though we simply are not putting in our best effort when we get into these raids. Groups 2 and 3 have been sitting on the verge of downing Ragnaros...FOR OVER A MONTH. Frankly, this is unacceptable, so in the spirit of progression and advancement, the officers and myself have innovated a solution!

If you have some strange aversion that has prevented you from checking your calendars for the past week, stop reading this message and do so now. There you will find that a new "Group 4" has been introduced and is currently live. The underlying goal of this group is to prepare guildies for current tier raids by revisiting previous tiers and gaining the relevant gear and experience. Too often have the raid leaders of Groups 2 and 3 been moved to bring guildies who simply are not prepared for the content into our raids. Simply put, if you are new, or you want to raid, and have yet to prove yourself in the current tier of raiding, you will be required to run with Group 4 for at least one week prior to being admitted into any Firelands raid (this stipulation does not apply to those who have already raided and performed respectably in Groups 2 or 3).

An example of a raider that I might require to run with Group 4 is a dps who has the requisite item level of 355, but struggles to consistently pull over 16k dps. Another example would be any raider who has a notorious habit of getting caught in simple mechanics beyond the limits of the learning curve. Such would-be raiders need the practice (and potentially gear) that Group 4 has been designed to provide. Those with any questions concerning this new group should direct their inquires to myself, Bonitamuerte, or Chopaa.

Other than this guys, all I really would like to impart unto this guild is the severity of the situation that we have placed ourselves into. Focus inside and outside of raids, and you will reap the benefits of your efforts. If we maintain this lazy attitude toward our raiding experience, we will maintain the same lazy rate of progression that no one can be proud of. Give it your all, and in doing so, give yourselves something to be proud of. - Rise

Ok Bible, you asked for it.

xxImpossiblexx, Oct 21, 11 4:26 PM.
As per Biblethumper's request, here is an example of one of the short papers that I am required to write every week:

    Immanuel Kant defines, “taste,” as, “…not a cognitive judgment…but rather aesthetic, by which is understood one whose determining ground cannot be other than subjective.”  David Hume characterizes predilection of the aesthetic as, “…the various sentiments of men,” describing a trait based upon the subjective feelings of individuals and capturing the idiosyncratic nature of taste.  Objectively, none will deny that apple pie is sweet.  A rift in sentiments occurs when an individual’s subjective tastes prompt one to desire or disdain apple pie on the basis of qualities, such as sharpness and texture, which appeal to some and not to others.  Such an example demonstrates the capacity for a subjective and objective view to reference the same object, and also reveals the difference between taste (which relies on the biases of a person) and detachment (which removes such biases from judgment).
    The Kantian definition of taste upholds that a beautiful object requires taste to be tempered with disinterest: “…the faculty for judging an object or a kind of representation through a satisfaction or dissatisfaction without any interest.”  This form of detachment in taste stands in contrast to Hume’s view of taste and beauty which maintains, “Beauty is no quality in things themselves:  It exists merely in the mind which contemplates them; and each mind perceives a different beauty…To seek the real beauty…is [a] fruitless enquiry.”  While Kant holds that beauty exists independently of the interests of the individual, Hume insists that beauty and sentiment are wedded.
    Ferdinand de Saussure, founder of structuralism, writes: “A sign is not a link between a thing and a name, but between a concept and a sound pattern.”  Saussure’s distinction defines the, “arbitrariness of the signifier,” by relating ideas to language.  Likewise, Friedrich Nietzsche illustrates a constructivist perspective in his essay, “On Truth and Lying in a Non-Moral Sense,” concluding that the correlations which human beings draw between objects and language are illogical and say nothing about the reality of objects.
    The arbitrariness of the signifier is evident in Nietzsche’s philosophy when he notes how, “[w]e divide things up by gender, describing a tree as masculine and a plant as feminine - how arbitrary these translations are!”  The gender described by Nietzsche is present in his native German, as well as many other languages, and displays the unfounded distinctions which are made when naming objects.  Nietzsche argues that, “When different languages are set alongside one another it becomes clear that, where words are concerned, what matters is never truth…otherwise there would not be so many languages.”  In this vindication of truth, Nietzsche establishes that not only does language fail to capture the reality of the world - it does not even attempt.
    The difference in the Kantian and Humean view of taste and beauty is the place of subjectivity.  For Kant, beauty is, “[t]hat…which pleases universally without a concept,” denoting a trait that does not depend on personal preference or subjectivity.  Conversely, Hume maintains that perceptions of beauty may vary across individuals.  According to Nietzsche, language is an invalid construction in which truth does not factor.  As a result, human beings may only experience reality through perception once they have been exposed to language.

Firelands Progress - Part II

xxImpossiblexx, Sep 12, 11 10:42 PM.
Evening guild! As we reach the halfway point of this patch our rate of progression has slowed down a bit.  So, it is with this unfortunate truth in mind that I would like to convey a few messages to anyone who actually logs on to the site every now and then:

Sign up and show up - We post all raids and guild events on the calendar, so there is really no reason for this to still be an issue.  If you wish to be a serious raider, please demonstrate to us that you can follow the simplest of directions and sign up for raids so that raid leaders know who they will have to work with for the week.  Balverine has mentioned that he may soon adopt a policy of, "no sign, no raid," so if this does go into effect those of us who resist the sign-up process may find their ability to raid with group 3 compromised.

Do outside work - "Outside work" means researching your class, spec, and role in addition to the fights that we will be heading into the following week.  A main culprit behind the lag in progression that we are now experiencing is that raiders are not taking things seriously.  In my all-important opinion, "seriously," means that you research any and all aspects of your raid experience WITHOUT BEING PROMPTED TO.  It is not hard to take five to ten minutes out of your time on this game to do some digging and unearth useful information from sites such as tankspot.com, elitistjerks.com, or askmrrobot.com, so do your utmost to ensure success and maybe, just maybe, we won't bash our heads against Baleroc for 3 or 4 hours on the second night of a raid.

Be reliable - A hallmark of the dedicated raider is that they show up to every raid that they possibly can, as opposed to a casual raider who is on only occasionally.  Be honest with yourself and your raid leader(s) about your expectations and the amount of time that you can regularly commit to a raid.  Both Balverine and myself have made it known that a decided lack of consistency (insofar as getting the same ten people in on a weekly basis) is a cancer to be purged in our raids.  Show up.  Show up on time.  Show up often.

While I would like to extend my congratulations to all of our raid groups for their work in downing new bosses (Group 1 downed Majordomo Staghelm circa two weeks ago and is now working on Ragnaros, while Group 2 downed Beth'tilac and Lord Rhyolith on the same week, and Group 3 downing Lord Rhyolith in last night's raid), I find that our success is rather bittersweet.  What's taking us so long to down bosses that should've been taken care of weeks, nay, months ago?  Hopefully, at least a few of our raiders will read this post and decide for themselves, "I'm ready to do what it takes.  I'm ready to be committed.  I WILL be a successful raider."  As always, thank you for your time and have fun. - Rise

Firelands Progress

xxImpossiblexx, Aug 4, 11 12:59 AM.
Hey guild! So far, patch 4.2 has proven challenging in many regards. However, I am pleased to say that Impossible has met these trials rather well. Our rate of progression has ramped up in comparison to the last patch, but there are still areas that could use improvement. At the moment we are 5/7 in Firelands content and are looking to down Ragnaros within the next few weeks.

A quick point that I would like to make is the progression of Groups 2 and 3. Upon downing the first Firelands boss, Shannox, it seems that progression in these groups has ground to a halt. I am of the firm opinion that this bout of stagnation may be directly attributed to the, "No sign, no show," phenomenon. If more people signed up for raids (instead of simply showing up on the night of), raid leaders could better plan for the week ahead as far as who to bring in, replacements, group composition, etc. Conversely, if you sign up for a raid, please do your utmost to attend. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer everyone the end-game experience that they want to pursue. However, this can only be achieved with the full cooperation of the guildies that wish to realize said experiences. Simply put, STOP STANDING US UP. If you sign up for a raid, be there, on time, knowing the proper fights. Thanks.

Moving on, we are officially recruiting again! While we never truly stop recruiting, we have begun to spam the macros in trade looking for new members. I now address our veterans directly. If you have any friends or family that play this game, on or off realm, that you know to be looking for a good, stable raiding guild, please promote us so that we can continue to build our ranks and allow as many people as possible the chance to achieve their goals.

For anyone who is wondering whether or not 25 mans will be making a comeback, the answer is yes. For anyone who is wondering what the factor that will determine how quickly 25 mans return, the answer is you. I originally planned to do a 25 man week during mid to the end of July. The only thing that I feel is holding us back is our own ability to attend raids (going back to the issues that I mentioned earlier). Please fix this guys and down some more bosses in 10 mans, and I assure you 25 mans will be up and running again before long.

Lastly, I want to elaborate on the changes that have been taking place in Group 1. At the moment we are looking to reinforce this group with raiders that feel that they are competent enough to raid competitively with the rest of the Alliance and realm.  Ideally, we would like to have 12-13 members for the "Core" group, with 10 members who regularly attend and 2-3 members on standby. The item level requirement for Group 1 is a STRICT 355. No exceptions will be made to the item level requirement. Also, if you wish to participate in Group 1 raids, please bear in mind that we are looking for raiders with initiative. This means knowing a new fight sometimes days in advance, having the proper gems, enchants, reforged gear for your spec, and showing up on time consistently. Reliability and a good attitude are things that we look for when searching for new Group 1 members, so if you happen to be overly immature, or cannot consistently make at least 3 weekends out of a month, your candidacy may be severely hampered. If you feel that you meet these expectations, please send Riseangeal an in-game mail with your name, class, and any roles that you will be able to fulfill. Thank you.

Happy 1st Birthday Impossible! (7/26) - Rise

Foray Into the Firelands

xxImpossiblexx, Jun 27, 11 3:12 AM.
Hey guild! Currently, Patch 4.2 (also known as Firelands) will be live tomorrow. In our last guild meeting we went over a few topics concerning the current state of the guild, as well as our plans to effectively handle and ultimately succeed in this new major content patch.

First off, the good news. Group 3 has gotten off to a largely successful start. Within the span of a few weeks, Balverine has led this new raid group through a large portion of the end-game content and granted many new guildies the ability to raid and to do so successfully. With this being the case, special congratulations are in order not only for him, but for the entirety of Group 3 and the guild itself. Keep up the good work guys!

Our core group has also been making strides in furthering our progression into Heroic Cataclysm raids. We are now looking at finishing off 4.1 with 3/13 Heroic bosses under our belt, which is more than can be said for most Alliance guilds and, indeed, most guilds on the server. Further progression for one group is further progression for all, so great job guild!

Last but not least, Group 2 deserves its own recognition for downing their first end-of-raid boss, Al'akir in Throne of the Four Winds.  While the weeks following this triumph have been somewhat rocky, it is my hope that the same spirit which allowed us to achieve this victory will result in a strong initial push into Firelands raids for the group. Hats off to you guys in Group 2!

This week we will take our first steps into beginning 25 man raiding since Cataclysm. For those of you who were present in the guild during Wrath, 25 mans presented a great opportunity for guildies to interact amongst themselves on a large scale while all cooperating and working towards the same goal. Let's all put our best foot forward and do our utmost to ensure the initial and continued success of 25 man raiding in Impossible.

The past month has shown quite a bit of progress across many areas, but just because we are doing well does not mean that we should slow down or grind to a halt. Now is the time to redouble our efforts and make sure that we continue to work toward the goal of a strong, supportive guild that will also serve as a beacon of competence, leadership, and integrity for the rest of the Alliance. I hope to see all of you doing the best that you can to meet these ends and, of course, I would like to extend my warmest wishes to everyone as we head into a new major content patch. Best of luck, Impossible! - Rise
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